WGSS Happenings… Spring 2016 News

Another successful school year with a growing WGSS program meant for a very special WGSS Graduation Luncheon, honoring WGSS minors, graduate certificate recipients, and, our first WGSS BA!

2016 Graduates & WGSS Faculty
Our fearless leader, Dr. Elizabeth Gregory

Our tireless supporters, the Friends of Women’s Studies, continued their networking during the Spring Fast Friends speed-networking social:

Engaging Living Archives events brought students, faculty, and community together this Spring:


And planning is always underway.  Coming up…

We are very excited to be hosting Dr. Mark Anthony Neal on our campus this fall for the McGovern Lecture (October 27th).


Without a Name, Feminism Shaped My Life

Frankly, when posed with questions about how I came to Black Feminism, I am often at a loss for a response. While I can easily recall a genealogy of articles, books, lectures and critiques, there simply…

Source: Without a Name, Feminism Shaped My Life


We will be updating the blog this month to cover all of our Spring 2016 Happenings!  Check back soon!


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